Four Ways Awards Can Help Create a Buzz For Your Business

Know Collection is honoured it’s flagship hotel, The Richmond, has been recognised by the reputable and respected Merseyside Independent Business Awards for ‘Best Place to Stay’.

Whether it’s recognition from our guests or industry awards, accolades reflect Know Collections’ commitment for outstanding guest experience and delivering excellence by our dedicated team.<

As a company, and as individuals we share a passion for exceeding customer expectations – it’s driven into our organisation’s values and culture that enhances hospitality standards. We lead the way in guest experience through an evolution of commitment to our people, their personality and a passion for settling for simply nothing but the best.

Awards and Accolades: Importance for Businesses to Thrive

Winning titles and awards aren’t just a quick ego boost or a job well done and pat on the back. Awards matter now, more than ever for customers; how often do we find ourselves looking for industry recognition when booking or purchasing something? Third party endorsements that ooze the credibility that we’ve been looking for? Something to tell us that what the business is portraying does in fact speak the truth. A business with a “Best Of” category under their belt hooks consumers and acts as a differentiator from the rest.

So, in the environment where information is easily accessible, it is crucial for any business to gain achievements for excellence in order to distinguish the company away from its competitors. It also offers real industry insight and the simple virtue of selection for one is deemed to be the best.

Capturing excellence plays a fundamental role into ensuring a business is successful internally and externally. Here are four reasons why we think awards go beyond the prize itself and acts as a driver to making a business thrive:

Enhance Reputation

In an ever-changing market, business owners strive to stand out and differentiate themselves. Amongst bringing prestige, creditability and more traffic to a business, awards and accolades highlight a company’s integrity and reliability, quality and professionalism, whilst setting them apart from the competition. It gives a seal of approval and acts as a silent sales pitch whilst creating the desired noise about the business. Industry recognition has the potential to transform a company’s reputation from ‘pretty good’ into ‘excellent’.


Awards can be used as an extremely useful and cost-effective marketing tool. Many businesses overlook the potential an award can bring, titles make you more visible across the industry and can attract new customers in by offering an edge over anyone else. It provides an opportunity to improve brand awareness and delivers free promotion to new customers. It also maximises PR exposure that reaches across many different platforms whilst creating a lifelong partnership with the awards brand that can be used in business promo.

Motivate and Retain Employees

Not only do awards act as an external promoter but they also give recognition to employee’s hard work and achievements. Ensuring employees efforts are being championed generates internal morale across the organisation. It creates the space for employees to be inspired to achieve great things. Working in a mundane and unexciting environment consents staff to easily confirm and settle, but award recognition allows employees to realise that convention does not seek out greatness but breaking the mould and striving for excellence does. Therefore, they act as a self-promoter for individuals to work harder, whilst giving them a sense of pride and accountability, greater job satisfaction and motivates a generation to push themselves further.

Attract Talent

Distilled into an organisation’s culture, awards allow companies to promote themselves as an award-winning business that are leaders in their given field. Committed and talented people are attracted to the concept of working for an industry recognised organisation, therefore potential employees may acknowledge the business to have significant opportunities as well as developing their own career by having an award-winning title on their C.V.

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